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Natures Way Ginkgo Biloba 2000mg
Natures Way Ginkgo Biloba 2000mg
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Natures Way Ginkgo Biloba 2000mg

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Ginkgo biloba, or maidenhair, is a tree native to China that has been grown for thousands of years for a variety of uses.

Because it’s the only surviving member of an ancient order of plants, it’s sometimes referred to as a living fossil. 

While its leaves and seeds are often used in traditional Chinese medicine, modern research primarily focuses on ginkgo extract, which is made from the leaves.

Ginkgo supplements are associated with several health benefits, most of which focus on brain function and blood circulation.

Regulates blood flow

Ginkgo Biloba extract is able to increase blood vessel dilation and stimulate blood flow to extremities in the body (i.e brain, hands and feet.) By improving the blood flow to these areas, the entire body is better oxygenated - boosting energy and strength.

Protects heart health

Ginkgo biloba has also been linked to lower blood pressure and reducing blood clot formation in the circulatory system.

Improves cognitive abilities

Ginkgo biloba's ability to improve blood flow to the brain helps bring more nutrients to the brain. As a result, brain functions are improved. Studies have shown that taking Ginkgo supplements regularly helps to boost memory, improve focus and stimulate creative thinking.

Prevents Alzheimers and Dementia

The rich antioxidants in Ginkgo Biloba extract and its ability to improve blood flow to the brain helps to prevent aging-related brain conditions such as Alzheimer's and Dementia.  


You will get 84 caplets every 4 weeks. (2 caplets in the morning and 1 caplet in the evening)



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