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Eldon Nutrition Garolive
Eldon Nutrition Garolive
Eldon Nutrition Garolive
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Eldon Nutrition Garolive

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A unique blend of wild garlic, olive leaves, hawthorn berries and artichoke, Garolive capsules help promote better health & well-being.

Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic (Allium Ursinum) has long been used in traditional medicine due to its strong preventive characteristics in cardiovascular diseases, regulating blood pressure, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and immune system boosting properties.

While Common Garlic (Allium Sativum) is known to be able to provide the same benefits, studies have indicated that the active compounds that give both garlics their amazing health properties exists at a much higher potency in Wild Garlic.


Know by its botanical name, Olea Europaea, olives have long been popular in mediterranean diets as a staple fruit and snack.

The fruit has been found to be able to reduce blood pressure by providing an effect that is similar blood pressure medications such as ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers. Additionally, the fruit also has an antiarrhythmic effect that is similar to beta blockers.


Artichokes (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymu) are a popular vegetable in many cultures worldwide. But while tasty, the plant also boasts multiple health benefits.

In numerous studies, it was suggested that Artichoke extracts were able to improve heart health as study participants supplemented with Artichoke extract showed significant reduction in both LDL and triglyceride (bad cholesterol) levels.

Hawthorn Berry

For centuries, hawthorn berries (Crataegus) have been used as an herbal remedy, for digestive problems, heart failure, and high blood pressure. The fruit is especially prized in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its multiple health benefits and antioxidant properties.

According to studies, the fruit is able to help improve heart health through the lowering of blood pressure, lowering of total cholesterol and its anti-inflammatory effect from its high antioxidant levels.

You will get 56 caps every 4 weeks. ( 2 capsules every morning)

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Customer Reviews

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Tee Wee Leong
Professional service

What I like is that your pharmacist called me after I subscribed. Turned out I should be on one supplement and they refunded me the money. I have to say the service is top-notch and they are really professional. They don't just sell you to make money, they make sure it's actually right for you first

Kelvin Teor
Overall experience was great

I like the service I'm getting but I think more supplements will be good. Your supplements are too limited

So glad I discovered this company

So glad I discovered this company! So much easier than going to the store to buy 5 different vitamins in 5 different bottles when they can come conveniently packaged all together to your doorstep. This also makes it easy if you travel a lot.


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