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At Vitamine, we have one simple vision: Make healthcare simpler for everyone. We are not just a pharmacy, or an online store and we don't just sell supplements.

We ensure SIMPLIFIED, HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE is delivered to everyone

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything

Problems we are trying to fix

When you walk into a pharmacy, you are faced with hundreds of different supplements - different strengths, different ingredient combinations and different brands. Each supplement has its own recommended way of taking: some can't be taken if you are on certain medications, some has to be taken at night and some has to be taken full stomach..blablabla..

It's hard enough for me, a pharmacist who has practised for ten years to remember all these information, let alone you. And worse, if you are the woman in the family, you normally have to take care of your parents, your husband's parents, as well as your family -meaning you have to remember each and every one's supplements.

As a smart consumer, you also want to make sure that you are getting the best supplements - of best qualities and offer the best value for money. But with so many brands on the shelf, it doesn't make your life easy. A bigger pack makes it cheaper but what if you don't finish them before the expiry date? A smaller pack? Too expensive! And as different supplements come in different pack sizes, you will often find yourself running out of one supplement before the other.

When healthcare is so hard, it makes people want to just give up and take supplements half-heartedly. (Translation: if I remember, I take lah. What is this supplement used for? I dunno oo..they said it's good for me so I take loh.)

Vitamine wants to bring an end to all these.

Our solution

  1. We go through all the supplements in Malaysia and carefully select the goods ones out for you.
  2. We listen to all your problems and recommend the best supplement regimen for you (and/or your love ones).
  3. We package all your supplements into daily packs.
  4. We deliver your supplement packs to you every 28 days.

What it means to you

  1. You no longer have to choose - we do all the hard work for you.
  2. You no longer have to remember how to take your supplements - we pack them accordingly for you, you just have to remember to take them.
  3. You save money on supplements - we purchase the supplements in bulk, and let you share the savings with thousands of other customers using the same supplements. We all know supplements get cheaper when you buy them in bigger quantities. The best part - you only get 28 days worth of tablets at a time, so you no longer have to throw away half-used expired bottles of vitamins.
  4. Traffic jam, no parking, long queues at the pharmacy counter? These are not your problems anymore. You get your supplements DELIVERED to your doorstep every month. The best part? Delivery is FREE!

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