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High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is very dangerous. You don't want to get high blood pressure.

Trust me.


Rhodiola Formosa

Used in America for 2000 years. Rhodiola Formosa is very powerful.

Numerous studies have shown that it can help,

Fish Oil

Fish oil is really important for omega-3.

Studies showed that fish oil when taken regularly will help improve blood pressure significantly.

What's included in Vitamine Blood Pressure pack?

You get 6 supplements in total with this subscription pack.

Garlic tablets, fish oil,

Everything you need to help reduce your blood pressure.

Why use Vitamine?

All the supplements packed accordingly for you.
Best brands to help improve your blood pressure.
Delivery to you every four months.

Customer reviews

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Can I take this if I'm on blood pressure medications?
If you are already taking blood pressure medications, you can still start this supplement pack. But it's recommended that you speak to our qualified pharmacist first if you are on any medications (not just blood pressure meds).

Do I have to commit to this plan for long term?
No, you can cancel anytime by letting us know at least two weeks before your next due delivery.

Can I add other supplements to my subscription plan?
Yes. Just talk to our pharmacist to make sure that the other supplements are compatible with this supplement pack. 


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