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Daily Essential Pack

    Daily Essential Pack

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      Supplements for normal adults

      If you are a normal working adult looking for supplements for general health, this is the pack for you.

      This package contains three essential supplements that everyone should be using:

      A multivitamin + minerals An Omega-3 Fish Oil A Probiotics



      We recommend everyone to be using a multivitamin every day. The reason is that it is hard, even if you are being particularly concious about what you eat, can meet the recommended daily intake requirements.


      Vitamins and Minerals are what we call essential nutrients - nutrients that our body can't produce ourselves and have to be obtained from outside sources. If we can't get enough from the diet, we have to get it from a supplement - simple as that.


      The Multivitamin included in this pack contains all the essential nutrients we need every day. It even has Vitamin K2, which is proven to help prevent calcification of the blood vessels. By taking one everyday, you can be sure that you are at least meeting the recommended daily requirement!



      Omega-3 is also an essential fatty acid - meaning to say our bodies can't produce it and have to get it from outside sources. Omega-3 fatty acids are important natural anti-inflammatory and they help to reduce heart conditions, improve brain health, improve joint functions, prevent fatty liver and improve cholesterol profile.


      The most common source of omega-3 fatty acid is fish oil. However, most of us struggle to keep up with the recommended twice a week fish intake. This is why we included fish oil in this essential pack.


      The fish oil capsule included in this pack contains triple strength omega-3. In other words, one capsule of it is equivalent to taking three capsules of normal fish oil.


      We absorb the necessary nutrients from food via our digestive system. If we can improve our digestive system, we will be able to absorb better and more efficiently from our diet. More and more studies show that the balance or imbalance of bacteria in your digestive system is linked to overall health and disease.


      Probiotics, a.k.a 'good bacteria' are live microorganisms that can provide health benefits when consumed. Probiotics are shown to improve digestive health, aid weight loss, improve immune functions, reduce asthma and allergies, and even improve mental health conditions.


      In this essential pack, we have included a probiotics that contains 4 different strains of good bacteria. The capsules are calcium-protected - which increases the chance for the 'good bacteria' to stay alive till they reach the intestine.

      In short, this essential supplement package contains three of the most important supplements we think everyone should be using. If you do not have any other medical concerns, this is the supplement combination for you.

      All the supplement brands in this essential pack are carefully selected. Compared to other brands, they provide better value-for-money.


      You will get this combo pack every 4 weeks.

      Morning: Multivitamin, High Strength Fish Oil and Probiotics (1 tablet and 2 capsules)


      Customer Reviews

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      Am I expecting too much?

      I like the idea, honestly speaking still yet to feel the difference. I do feel a bit more energetic in the morning, but I was expecting a more drastic improvement

      Lennise Tan
      First order

      Great service from the pharmacist. I love the packaging and the convenience. This is my first order and will definitely continue subscribing

      Lennise Tan
      First order

      Great service from the pharmacist. I love the packaging and the convenience. This is my first order and will definitely continue subscribing


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