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Runners Pack
Runners Pack
Runners Pack
Runners Pack
Runners Pack

    Runners Pack

    RM212.40 MYR RM372.00 MYR

      This combo pack is specifically designed for serious runners who want to take their performance another level higher.

      When we design this combo pack, we ask ourselves: What does a runner need to improve his/her performance? What are the common health conditions that can occur to a runner? What are the challenges all runners have to face?

      • Running is a form of endurance sport, so the muscles ability to recover fast is a must for a runner. 
      • The quality of sleep and nutrition needs to be optimized in order for an athlete to perform at a high level.
      • Runners have a higher chance of getting joint problems.

      In this combo pack, we have included the following supplements:

      1. A multivitamin - to help ensure that the daily essential nutrients requirements are met
      2. Triple strength Omega-3 Fish oil - a strong anti-inflammatory that will help prevent injuries and improve muscle recoveries.
      3. Glucosamine and Chondroitin - Help protect joints
      4. Tart cherry extract - Good for aerobic exercise recovery and improves the quality of sleep.
      5. Mangosteen extract - Another anti-inflammatory to help prevent joint injuries & improve muscle recovery.


      You will get this combo pack every 4 weeks.

      Morning: Fish Oil, Multivitamin, Joint Formula (3 tablets)
      Evening: Tart Cherry Extract, Joint Formula (2 tablets)



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